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Over 30 Years of Retail, Auction and Estate Sale Business

Over 7 years as an Independent Contractor working some of the larger Estate Sales in the Orlando and Winter Park area.

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Student of Asheford Antique Institute

ASEL Associate of the American Society of Estate Liquidators

We specialize in the sale of whole house contents including but not limited to Fine Furniture, furnishings, artwork, crystal, china, fine and costume jewelry, porcelain, pottery, automobiles, boats, books, designer décor, clothing, antiques long with pot and pans, tools, fishing, appliances, stereos and all assorted items in the garage.

We have the expertise and knowledge to sell every form of personal property. We work with local dealers and collectors and valuation experts along with EBAY and Worthpoint to assist in determining fair value of your items in todays market.

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